A Long Time

It has been a while since my last update.  Almost 2 weeks I think. Being away from my laptop makes it hard to update the blog and the WordPress iPhone app is awful and clunky.

More reason for an iPad I guess.

Since my last post, I have been through 2 complete weeks of maintenance.  The first week was a little rough as I wasn’t sure where I should be calorically.  I ended up gaining a pound.  However, after some consultation, I settled on a new number and stuck with it for the whole week.  End result: Down 3.  3 More weeks to go. The 3 lb loss wasn’t all diet. There were multiple days I was fortunate enough to get a second workout in.  I would use my lunch time to either run or hit the gym, grab a small lunch after, then mountain bike for an hour and change at night.  It felt pretty great. I liked that routine for the most part.

Speaking of my mountain bike, she and I have become quite close over the last few weeks. To be honest, in 16 days I have only been on my road bike three times. I think it is starting to miss me.  I have, however, been logging serious hours on the Blur. Part of it I know has to do with where I was staying.  The roads are impossibly bad for riding. No shoulder to speak of, logging trucks moving a million miles and hour, and low bicycle advocacy.  In all, the perfect recipe for dangerous riding.

The other part of it is, the Mountain Biking in that area is spot on.

The University of Maine has some of the most technically difficult riding I have ever done mixed in with some pretty sweet flow.  On top of it all, there are hundreds of miles of trail.  We must have put on at least a hundred miles over the 8 days we rode and we rarely repeated a section. (save one or two spots that are just so much fun to ride)  The Penobscot Region Chapter of NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association) has put in a lot of time making the trails sustainable and unique. The students of UMaine and the residents of the Orono/ Old Town area are fortunate to have such a strong organization in their town.

I tried to take some video of a ride I did up there by my GoPro was aimed a little funny. You basically only see handlebar, stem, and hands. The trail gets lost.  This coming week I will be up there riding a ton and will try to shoot some video that makes some damned sense.

I made it back from my usual Wednesday appointments this week in time to catch our club ride in town.

Joining the Wheelers was one of the best decisions I have made in the past few years.

They are such a supportive group and really do an outstanding job promoting the sport and making sure you are aware of the rights and responsibilities of riding.

This week’s ride was a pretty straight-forward loop through Durham, a loop that I had not had the chance to ever do.  We started with about 11 guys in the Advanced group and it was pretty clear after mile 10 how the pack was going to split. Somehow I was pushed forward and ended up riding with 5 or 6 of the “fast” riders. It’s truly remarkable what you can be capable of when you have someone either in front or behind you who is a better rider.  In this case, there was an ex-collegiate racer from Florida leading the group and man, can this guy ride.  Despite having no idea where he was headed, he helped us keep a 21 + mph pace for the duration of the evening.

Lately, I have taken a “never say die” attitude toward riding with the group.  Sometimes, the pack breaks into an all out sprint and I have all I can do to keep up but I do. The last thing I want is to be dropped. This has lead to some vomit inducing moments in the past.  Wednesday was no exception. All in all, It was one of the better rides this season. Just about 34 miles in just over an hour and a half. A beautiful evening with no humidity and no bugs to speak of. It is moments like that where I realize just how fortunate I am.


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