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I am hot.

It has been one of those truly memorable summer days where the heat gets up there (car thermometer was reading 100 at one point) and the humidity is almost oppressive.

Normally I work on Mondays but I took today off due to an out of town wedding. We decided to come back a bit early to save some money and I made plans to get together with my younger brother and do some mountain biking.

The thought occurred to me that it could get too hot to ride. There are those time when it is just downright dangerous to be on a bike.  In case we weren’t going to be able to ride, I hopped on my road bike and set out for what I thought was going to be a quick ride.

2 hours and 38 miles later, I returned. It was damend hot.  My average pace was 1 mph slower than usual. The hills felt never-ending and sometimes it felt like I was breathing in steam. I had tons of water and plenty of food so I wasn’t worried about it’s effect on my health, just my performance.  I thought about abbreviating the ride a bit but I had already committed myself to riding 2/3 of the long loop. I figured, “what could another 7 or so miles hurt?”

My brother arrived at 1 and we made plans to depart.  We arrived at the trail head and had wheels down by 2:30.

One thing is for damned sure, I may not be svelte but I am in fairly good shape. We did 9 miles in 90 degree heat and I probably could have done another 3 or 4. The pace was not grueling for me. I wish I could have said the same for Adam. I called it after he took a pretty interesting spill off a long log ride. (which, in all honesty, he knew he should NOT have attempted)

The calorie burn was in the mid 2k’s today. (according to myfitnesspal and runkeeper) I am interested to see Wednesdays results. I have earned 100 activity points for the week and I know that I will be in the saddle for at least 2 hours tomorrow.


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