I won’t get in to too much of a discussion on this but I thought I would share my experience today as to help others with their goals.

Having a nice Sunday off coupled with good weather made for a great ride plan; do a long loop and just go where my pedals took me.  I planned on the heat by filling two-24 oz water bottles and bringing along a luna bar. Unfortunately, I was about to get a lesson in sports nutrition the hard way.

About an hour or so into the ride, I decided to grab a few bites of the bar, some water, and keep riding. After 47.3 miles and 2 hours, 35 minutes I made it home. I was safe but I could tell I was spent.  As I got off the bike, my legs were shaky and I wasn’t feeling quite right. I came in the house and grabbed a shower. The feeling was getting worse and I knew something was wrong. I got out instantly, grabbed a towel, and sat on the sofa. I was clearly starving.  In cycling terms, I had bonked. The good news was, I was at least at home where I could do something about it.

I quickly grabbed a cup of cheerios, some strawberries, blueberries, an apple, and a banana. I was still hungry but I felt instantly better. As I ate, I did some research. Luckily, I came across another blog that provided a ton of info that I wasn’t aware of. (see the “Bonked” link above) It talks about Carbohydrates while you cycle as well as so many other great topics.

For me, I was so concerned with my “points” that I forgot to fuel my body correctly. Sure, I could have consumed the rest of the luna bar but I felt that the 5 points was going to put me over, never once thinking, “hey…numbnuts….you are pushing yourself on an 80 degree day with high humidity. Eat something”.

It was a hard lesson to learn.  Balancing my exercise with caloric intake so as not to upset the balance is damned hard. I still haven’t figured out the proper ratio so I can still lose weight in a week but not allow my body to enter shut down mode. If I am going to compete in longer rides, I need to figure this out.

In the meantime, I had enough points for a ton of pizza and frozen yogurt….points that should have been spent during the ride.

I am ridiculous.


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